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Wellness and Treatment

local, farm* , special need & Straight tune-up discounts may apply. mileage rates may also apply

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic-Stretching-Trigger Points-Body and Joint Motioning

Your time is valuable and so is your satisfaction.  Most adjustments range 15 -40 minutes depending, on the immediate need.  Whether something old has been nagging and bothersome or you just like quality time spent on our findings to your ailments, we will take the time to listen and get you moving as you'd best like.

NERVE TRACING-beyond the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), exiting the spine, every nerve follows a predictable path and often supplies more than a single muscle fiber or joint. Similar to the touch of a massage, we trace the patterns of muscles and joints as the nerve flows from its associated vertebral level.

TRIGGER POINTS- muscle spasms generally tender or sore to the touch and generally overlooked as an involved component of overall health.

STRETCHING- if you don't know what this is, you're not doing it. We Can Help.

Wellness Packages

4 visits-150 prepaid -5 weeks

10 visits- 300 prepaid -12 weeks

  All visits transferable to 1 NEW / GUEST visitor per 5 visits. And unlimited to family members / existing patrons.

PunchCards-11 visits 12th is FREE (Coming Soon)

Annual Memberships - affordable

(Coming soon)

Removing physical stress and another drive across town.   

Give yourself a life of ease.

Corrective Chiropractic, the spa-like experience here in Palmer Lake

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Chiropractic Lifestyle Advise & Coaching

Some treatments or therapies are best done before and some after activity.  New to activities? rent me. Lets make sure you're doing it right.

Our Doctors have not only been trained to detect and remove vertebral interference and dysfunction but have had years of experience,  making it comfortable.

Chiropractic is not a magic pill but a vehicle in allowing optimal health.  What you eat, think and do play a critical role in your own health

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755 Colorado Highway 105, Ste 2C-1; Palmer Lake, Colorado 80133, United States

(219) 393-9664

Open Hours - (Appointments available thru 7:30pm)

Evening  appointments (before 7:30) and mobile services are available with advance Notice.

By Appointment - Home/Office Visits

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Chiropractic Manual Therapies for Performance or Relief

Do you live life a cut above the rest?

 Could you use your physical capabilities more efficiently and optimally?

 Busy lifestyle keeping you in a bind? 

We love to see our members at their best,  WORK or PLAY.  Provide a successful mobile lead and earn a mobile wellness stipend. 

SouthWest Mobile Chiropractic, LLC

755 Highway 105, Suite 2C-1 ; Palmer Lake, Colorado, United States

(219) 393-9664

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